True toy soldier enthusiasts are never satisfied, and no manufacturer can ever produce every miniature demanded by collectors. Perhaps today there are more plastic 1:32 (54mm) soldiers available to the public than ever before. Even so many collectors turn to conversions to provide that unique model that no maker of toy soldiers will ever provide. HELMET Soldiers are particularly useful conversion fodder! Not only do we produce a wide range of spare parts that can be used when converting figures made by other miniature manufacturers, but the plastic we use in our kits can be cut, bent and glued with ease.

The possibilities are endless, and the only constraint is your imagination!

We'll publish some of our suggestions on the website soon, and we’re always interested in what you, our customers, have been able to turn HELMET Soldiers components into.

Just have a go, make your regiments, squadrons and infantry companies come alive with variety, individualism and realism. No group of 1:32 plastic toy soldiers should ever all look the same again.

Let your imagination and creativity be your guide!

Here is an example of a simple conversion of a French Hussar (Kit 24) on campaign.

KIT 24 conversion KIT 24 conversion KIT 24 conversion KIT 24 conversion KIT 24 conversion

A plastic pin head was used on the shako and 3 short lenghts of picture frame wire were used for the flying plaits.


These are four Brunswick infantry from the Peninsular War. They are mostly our hussar bodies on infantry legs with the Brunswick Hussar shako.

brunswick infantry conversions

We'll post some photos when they have been painted, as well as more conversion ideas later.


American Revolution Continental Dragoon.

Made from standard HELMET parts with a 'greenstuff' collar and picture wire queue.


Painted Brunswick infantry.


Here's an officer of the 95th Rifles, made from our spare parts, you can also make a mounted figure, if you wish.


A simple conversion from our British Hussar, K22, to an 11th Hussar trooper from the famous Light Brigade in the Crimean War.


Made from our spare parts, these are two Eclaireurs of the Guard 1813. Raised to fight the Cossacks, and although the regiments existed for only a short period, they have a simple but striking uniform, and would be a good addition to any miniature Napoleonic army.





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