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Self Assembly Cavalry and Infantry Plastic Kits, 1:32 Scale. Made in England.

Welcome to the new HELMET Soldiers website.

Although they have been around for a number of years HELMET has been one of the best kept secrets in the world of toy soldiers.

We offer the models in four configurations:

Unmade Kits Assembled Painted Conversions

These can be purchased
through the website, using
the buynow pages.

Assembled and undercoated
to your requirements.

Assembled, undercoated
And fully painted, to your

We can convert our figures into a model of your choice. See our ideas on our conversions page.

To place an order and to get a quotation for Assembled, Painted and converted models please contact us with your resquest.

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The range as currently available comprises 31 easily assembled 1:32 (54mm) plastic kits that will appeal to modellers and war gamers alike. The Napoleonic Wars feature prominently, but there are two representatives from the Crimean era. The kits are mostly cavalry models, but some infantry figures are also available. Additionally for converters, we provide a wide range of spare parts, heads, bodies, swords, muskets, carbines and the rest so that you can add to the existing range as well as converting toy soldiers from other manufacturers.

The bulk of the Napoleonic models are from the British and French armies and there are two Russian cavalry kits that are probably unique in this material and in this scale.
We plan to extend the choice of kits in two ways, firstly by producing new models from existing components, and secondly through the development and production of new models and different historical periods. We’d welcome suggestions here, but cannot promise to manufacture every idea.

The plastic figures are produced in PVC which is easily glued with PVC cement or “superglue”, the weapons are in hard polystyrene which allows the rigidity needed and gets rid of the curse of wavy swords and muskets that can shoot round corners!
A feature of the kits is the use of different materials to make the plumes, crests, saddle blankets etc that add realism and a distinctive look to HELMET Soldiers.
You can build the kits straight from the bag or use your imagination and skill to convert the models to add variety to your toy regiments and armies, the plastic takes paint, acrylic or enamel, well although we do recommend an undercoat before final painting – use the best brushes you can afford!

So welcome to HELMET Soldiers, 1:32 plastic toy soldier kits, easy to build, fun to convert, great to paint.

We look forward to your custom. 

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